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Medium Note (heart note) essential oil
Property - balance. Oil - jasmine, ylang-ylang, geranium, sage, lavender. Impact - breathing, circulation, assimilation, immunity.
Sage Oil 10ml
Warm, sweet, fresh and herbal fragrance with a light animal amber-musk touch
Ylang-Ylang Oil 10 ml
A soft, creamy-sweet fragrance which is reminiscent of jasmine and gardenia with their sensuous back
Geranium Oil 10ml
Fresh, flowery, warm fragrance similar to rose petals.
Jasmine Oil 10ml
A very complex, secretively delicate, aphrodisiac fragrance
Lavender Oil 10ml
For restlessness, exhaustion, sleeping problems; for sunburn; for skin care; for insect stings and a
Neroli oil 10ml
Pure genuine rneroli oil from France.
Rose of Marocco oil 10ml
Pure genuine rose oil from Morocco.