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Bottom Note (base note) essential oil
Property - relaxation. Oil - juniper, fennel, basil, patchouli. Impact - digestion, slug purification, growth (sexual glands).
Tea Tree Oil with Kanuka and Manuka 10ml
Basil Oil 10ml
An intensive, aromatic fresh and cooling scent with a slightly stimulating fragrance
Patchouli Oil 10ml
An intensive, tangy-woody fragrance, reminiscent of earth ad roots, with a sense of the exotic and m
Juniper Oil 10ml
A strong, spicy-fruity fragrance with a scent of gin.
Fennel Oil 10ml
Natural oil of Caraway 10ml
Pure genuine Caraway oil from Eastern Europe.
Natural oil of Silver Fir 10ml
Pure genuine silver fir oil of the alps.
Natural Clove oil 10ml
Pure genuine clove oil from Indonesia.
Natural Rosewood oil 10ml
Pure genuine rosewood oil from Brazil.
Natural Incense of India oil 10ml
Pure genuine insence oil from India.
Sandalwood Essential Oil 10ml