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Face care
High quality face care products from VIVASAN include:
It contains plant extracts, natural oils, natural vitamins, cleansing and lifting products.
Based on special plant compositions and have both preventive and therapeutic effect.
B.T.Y. line is aimed at correction of expression lines, both minor and deep ones.
DNA line is intended to slow down skin aging and eliminate age-ralated wrinkles.
Sub-categories: VB Secret of Serenity Face Care, VB Fountain Of Youth Face Care
Super Mallow Cream 50ml
Super Mallow day cream pH 6.2
Plant Ceramides (20 pearls) 6.8gr
Plant Ceramides for external use
B.T.Y. Cream 30ml
B.T.Y. Plumping Vegetal Cream pH 6.4
B.T.Y. Intensive Serum 30ml
B.T.Y. Intensive Repulping Serum pH6
DNA 24 Hour Cream 50ml
Crème DNA 24 hours pH 6.1
Viva Beauty 24 Hour Hydrofluid Moisturizing Lotion 50ml
Moisture care with a corrective cucumber extract for normal and combination skin
Viva Beauty 24 Hour Nutri-Cream 50ml
Nourishing Cream for normal and dry skin care
Cream Couperose 24 Hour 50ml
Couperose 24 hours cream pH 6.1
Cream Purificant 50ml
Problem Skin Care
Gel Purificant 100ml
Problem Skin Care
Anti age Cream Gold 24K 50ml
Enjoy the feeling of young-looking and glowing skin.
Lotum 50ml
Antirides new generation.
Hypnotic Viper cream 30ml
Regenerating 24 hours cream.
Viva Beauty Capsules
Green Caviar Intensive Serum 15ml/0.5 fl.oz.
Green Caviar Cream 30ml
Green Caviar Eye Recovery Cream 30ml