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Celebrity Anty-age Cream
For a moisturized, elastic and glowing skin
Revolutionary Anti-Ageing treatment especially designed to stimulate the proteins responsible for long-living cells. Locherber Celebrity Anti-ageing cream is a new result from Cosval’s research. Celebrity is a strategy against premature ageing, especially studied to simulate the sirtuins. Sirtuins are important proteins that guarantee a long lasting action of the cells keeping the skin fresh and luminous. This active concentrated product defends, thanks to its extraordinary properties, your skin against loss of tone, increasing the production of collagen and protecting the DNA from damage due to free radicals.
Use: Apply a thin layer of cream to face and décolletage and gently massage with upward circular movements for a well-toned and protected skin. Use morning and evening after a treatment with Viva Beauty Cleansing milk. Contains: Nicotiana sylvestris, Argan oil, Teprenone, Milk Thistle, Rice oil, Centifolia Rose, Carnosine, Dill. PARABENS FREE
Presentation: glass in luxurious gift box with dried flowers
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