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Ultra Sonic Face Massager
Ultra Sonic Face Massager
VIVASAN Ultrasonic A-900 is your very own cosmetic studio.
VIVASAN Ultrasonic A-900 combines 4 different functions in one device.
  • Ion deep cleaning: for a deep pore facial cleansing. Designed to work with all VIVASAN facial cleansing products.
  • Ultrasonic phoresis: stimulates metabolism and blood circulation and improves the absorption of the active ingredient in the VIVASAN facial cleansing products or VIVASAN functional creams in the deepest skin layers, achieving optimum results.
  • Warm massage: for relaxing your facial muscles after a strenuous day. It promotes blood circulation and the removal of metabolic products, resulting in a radiant, even complexion.
  • EMS Tyra firming: gently stimulates the facial muscles, increases blood circulation and improves the absorption of the VIVASAN anti-aging products for firmer facial skin. This function is also suitable for treating acne.
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