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Derma Science Hyaluronic Serum 3-Level 30 ml
The proportion of the body's own hyaluronic acid decreases as the skin ages. This leads first to the formation of wrinkles and later to deeper lines. Each product of the DERMA SCIENCE HYALURON SERIES contains the innovative HYALURON 3-FOLD COMPLEX, produced using biotechnology. It is characterised by an exceptionally high concentration of hyaluron and consists of three different types of hyaluron, comprising high, medium and low molecular weight hyaluron. The hyaluron quality that is used comes from a biotechnological source, which means that it contains no animal ingredients and no genetically manipulated hyaluron material.3-Level Hyaluronic Serum:Deep moisturising hyaluron serum with immediate effect. Helps improve the structure of the skin layers on a daily basis, encourages regeneration of the skin and restores elasticity. Lines are smoothed and the moisture balance of the epidermis is maintained.Enriched with the gemstone malachite and the plant konjac mannan, it safeguards the skin against free radicals and harmful environmental influences. 50 ml
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