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Derma Science Smoothing Repair Eye Cream 10 ml
Derma Science Smoothing Repair Eye Cream is anourishing, firming, revitalising eye creamThe gentle cream is particularly effective at reducing wrinkles: The highly concentrated combination of hyaluronic acid in different molecular sizes has an effect down to the deepest layers of the epidermis. The sensitive eye area is regenerated, toned and hydrated. The skin appears revitalised and smooth. It is particularly non-irritating and is therefore suitable as a make-up foundation.Skin active substances: Matrixyl Synthe 6: fills wrinkles from the inside, for expression lines as well as crow's feetRepair complex: helps to prevent eye wrinklesHydromide Blend: protects the DNA of skin cellsLiftonin Express: produces an immediately noticeable firming effect. 10 ml
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