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Oral & Nose Spray 30 ml
Oral & Nose Spray 30 ml
Seasonal viruses and coronaviruses enter our bodies through our throat or nose. They nest in our mucous membranes and after about 4 to 6 hours they enter our cells. Whether an infection occurs, and the severity of the disease, depend on the viral load (how many viruses enter one's body). Hygiene measures, such as a regular hand washing, help protect us from infections. Vivasan developed another effective product that intervenes at the site of infection. The throat and nose spray with antibacterial and anti-viral properties effectively protects against the various viruses.We have 4 to 6 hours from the initial contact with a virus until infection. Use the Mouth and Nasal Spray several times a day, especially after contact with people. The Mouth and Nasal Spray successfully fights the bacteria and viruses in our throat and nose.
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