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Mouthwash concentrate 10ml
Mouthwash concentrate 10ml
Adjusts mouth and palate climate, can prevent snore
To the care and humidification of strained and dry mouth mucous membrane.
Can disturbing breathings decrease.
Mouth rinsing elixir with an essential oil mix of orange, mint, lavender, carnation, lemon, thyme, mastic, tee tree, manuka and kanuka for an effective oral cavity care.
Prevents bad breath and refreshes the breath, strengthens the palate, normalizes the respiration in the sleep and helps against snoring.
Application Give 5-10 drops into a glass of water and rinse the mouth and throat area.
Gives a fresh feeling and maintains carefully the gums.
After rinsing should be done without food around optimum success to obtain.
Can be used several times daily.
Keep away from children. Avoid eye contact.
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