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Plant Ceramides (20 pearls) 6.8gr
Plant Ceramides (20 pearls) 6.8gr
Plant Ceramides for external use.
 Intensive treatment for face and neck.
The curative powers of Mallow have been well known since ancient times.
Today its active ingredients, together with other specific elements contained in this cream, form an excellent revitalizing, softening and smoothing treatment.
It not only increases the moisture levels of the skin, but also effectively stimulates the natural processes that maintain long term skin water balance.
Only in this way can your tired and lacklustre skin rediscover new energy to fight the harmful effects of sunlight and temperature changes.
For these reasons, Super Mallow Day Cream is also an excellent base for your make-up.
The effects of prolonged exposure to the sun, changing climatic conditions, stress, bad eating habits and hormonal
alterations can lead to progressive dryness of the skin.
The intensive Vegetal Ceramides treatment has been specially designed to combat this excessive dryness by re-
establishing and maintaining the hydrolipidic balance of the skin and its natural function as “barrier”.
Ideal for normal/dry to very dry skin, even when lined, it moisturizes and nourishes the skin in depth thanks to its
precious vegetal content that gives renewed elasticity and firmness to the face and neck.
Active ingredients: Wheat Ceramides and Glycoceramides Application: Massage delicately morning and night on face
and neck.
External use. Does not contain derivates of animal origin, mineral origin. Does not contain colourings of synthetic origin
and added metals.
Dermatologically tested. GMO-free. Alcohol-free. Gluten-free.
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