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Cream Couperose 24 Hour 50ml
Cream Couperose 24 Hour 50ml
Couperose 24 hours cream pH 6.1
With extracts of horse chestnut and mallow.
 Sunlight, changes in temperature, overheated environments, air conditioning and air pollution are the main enemies
and primary causes of this anti-aesthetic condition, particularly when the skin is sensitive, thin, pale and delicate with Couperose.
The applied cream creates a protective barrier that reinforces the skin’s defences during the day, regenerating
skin’s self-defence during the nightly rest.
The various plant extracts work in synergy, stimulating the peripheral microcirculation of the capillaries,
increasing their resistance to external attack.
Couperose cream contains horse chestnut extract, mallow, chamomile, sandalwood, geranium, ylang-ylang essential oils.
Apply: on cleansed skin with gentle touches morning and night.
Does not contain derivates of animal origin, mineral origin.
Does not contain colourings of synthetic origin and added metals.
Dermatologically tested. GMO-free. Alcohol-free.
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