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Gel Purificant 100ml
Gel Purificant 100ml
Daily use for normal to oily or acned skins with Rosemary and Sage pH 5.8
Perfect solution to foam away the remains of the day such as facial dirt and oil, also blemish-causing bacteria,
makeup and sunscreens.
Its natural antiseptic ingredients work to clear and prevent blemishes.
Leaves the skin smooth and soft. Gentle, non-drying formula. Rinses easily and completely.
Purifying Gel Cleanser contains: Hydro-Iysed Wheat proteins, Rosemary and Sage extracts, essential Oil of
Peppermint and red Thyme and Kelps.
Apply on face avoiding the eye zone, let it act for up to 1-2 minutes, rinse off with water.
Does not contain derivates of animal origin, mineral origin.
Does not contain colourings of synthetic origin and added metals.
Dermatologically tested. GMO-free. Alcohol-free.
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