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Sensuale Shower Gel 200ml
Sensuale Shower Gel 200ml
With Gallic Rose extract pH 6.3
This aromatic special bath fragrance has been created to immerse you in an aura of calm and pleasure for all your
senses. The unique gentle fragrance Gallic Rose flower extract creates peace of mind, sensuality and relaxation.
Your skin will be superbly silky smooth, soft and delicately scented.
Sensual Bath and shower cream contains: Gallic Rose flower extract, Lemon extract, Lavender extract
Use: Squeeze 10-20ml of the product into the bathtub or apply directly all over your body and rinse off.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Does not contain derivates of animal origin, mineral origin.
Does not contain colourings of synthetic origin and added metals.
Dermatologically tested. GMO-free. Alcohol-free.
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