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Sano Tint Hair Oil Non Oil 200ml
Sano Tint Hair Oil Non Oil 200ml
Light Restructuring Oil with Golden Millet for all hair types pH 4.5-5.
Protection for stressed, dry, damaged, coloured hair (UV rays, sea, chlorine) for a natural non-greasy look.
Hair is easy to manage and de-tangle, soft to-the-touch and light. It prevents split ends.
Ingedrients: pH-balanced cleansing agent, lactic acid, distilled water, golden Millet extract calcium,
panthothenate (Vit. B5), ethel alcohol, biotin, (Vit. H), sun filters, natural fragrance.
Application: dispense a small quantity amount of the product in the palm of your hands and apply to the hair.
Do not rinse.
SanoTint Light restructuring Oil Paraben-free, PEG-free, does not contain synthetic colours, is nickel tested, end
product is not tested on animals.
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