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VITASAN Therapeutic Creams
VIVASAN creams are based on medicinal plants and essential oils, they produce a substantial therapeutic effect not only on your skin, but on your body as a whole.
Therapeutic creams are based on essential oils;
free from hormones and antibiotics;
do not have any known side effects; tested without experimentation on animals.
Thyme Cream 100ml
Relieving skin care cream with thyme
Calendula Cream 100ml
Tea Tree Cream 100ml
Jojoba cream
Moisturizing skin care cream for the extremely dry skin.
Juniper Cream
Relaxing and warming cream
Viva Active Cream
Therapeutic cream with Dead sea salts, natural oils and healing herb extracts for the problem skin.
Herbal Foot Cream 100ml
Herbal foot cream with arnica, mallow, camomile and yarrow
Vine Leaf Cream with Herbs 100ml
Vine Leaf Leg Care Cream
P.C. 28 Joints Gel 125ml
P.C.28 Gel for skin and joints
Balsam San Rocco - St. Roch Balm 50ml
Healing herb balm based on an ancient recipe, with Tea-Tree oil, Geranium, Borage, Violet, Echinacea
(In Stock)
Argana Foot Butter 100ml (3.38 US fl oz)
Vivaderm Med Lipid Control Gel 30 ml
Hand and Foot Care Patch (6 patches)