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VIVASAN Essential Oils
VIVASAN presents a wide range of 100% natural essential oils with the highest degree of purification, obtained by modern efficient methods–steam distillation and cold compaction. VIVASAN Essential Oils are free of GMO.
VIVASAN essential oils have a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and analgesic action; have positive effect on nervous system, emotions and mental health, are erotic stimulators; enhance activity of the immune system, have a positive dermatological and cosmetic effect; have wholesome effect on respiratory, circulation and digestion organs.
Essential oil fragrances are divided into “top”, “medium” and “bottom" note, on the basis of their fugacity and properties
Top note (head note) Property – toning Oil – lemon balm, citrus, rosemary, eucalyptus, thyme. Impact – sensory organs,attention focusing.
Medium note (heart note) Property –balance Oil – jasmine, ylang-ylang, geranium, clary sage, lavender. Impact – breathing (lungs), circulation (heart), assimilation (liver), immunity (spleen).
Bottom note (base note) Property – relaxation Oil – juniper, fennel, basil, patchouli, Impact – digestion (gastrointestinal tract), slug purification (gastrointestinal tract), growth (sexual glands).
Sub-categories: Top Note (head note) essential oil, Medium Note (heart note) essential oil, Bottom Note (base note) essential oil, Special Essential Oils, Massage Oils
Lemon Essential Oil
Ideal cooling and deodorising effect. Has an antiinflammatiry, toning and soothing effect.
Rosemary Oil 10ml
A fresh and pleasant, spicy fragrance
Thyme Oil 10ml
White French thyme oil 10ml
Eucalyptus Oil 10ml
Australian Eucalyptus oil 80/85
Orange Oil 10ml
A sweet scent which imparts warmth and radiates freshness and lightheartedness
Peppermint Oil 10ml
A cooling, menthol-fresh fragrance
Sage Oil 10ml
Warm, sweet, fresh and herbal fragrance with a light animal amber-musk touch
Ylang-Ylang Oil 10 ml
A soft, creamy-sweet fragrance which is reminiscent of jasmine and gardenia with their sensuous back
Geranium Oil 10ml
Fresh, flowery, warm fragrance similar to rose petals.
Jasmine Oil 10ml
A very complex, secretively delicate, aphrodisiac fragrance
Lavender Oil 10ml
For restlessness, exhaustion, sleeping problems; for sunburn; for skin care; for insect stings and a
Tea Tree Oil with Kanuka and Manuka 10ml
Basil Oil 10ml
An intensive, aromatic fresh and cooling scent with a slightly stimulating fragrance
Patchouli Oil 10ml
An intensive, tangy-woody fragrance, reminiscent of earth ad roots, with a sense of the exotic and m
Juniper Oil 10ml
A strong, spicy-fruity fragrance with a scent of gin.
Fennel Oil 10ml
33 Herbs Essential Oil 50ml
Universal essential oil made of 33 herbs.
Melissa Oil 10ml (lemon balm)
Avocado Naturally Refined Oil 50ml
Basic oil for bath and massage
Jojoba Natural Oil 50ml
Basic oil for bath and massage
Mama Mia Viva Plus Spray 75ml
A bactericidal spray with disinfecting and cleansing action, based on essential oils of mountain pin
Alpine herbs balm 10g
This universal balm contains essential and natural oils for aromatherapy as well as revellent and
Refreshing Roll-on Lotion 9ml
The exquisite and well chosen composistion of essential oils acts favourably in case of tiredness
Grapefruit Seed Extract 30ml
Standardized extract (33:67) out of Grapefruit seeds in plant Glycerine.
Natural oil of Caraway 10ml
Pure genuine Caraway oil from Eastern Europe.
Natural oil of Silver Fir 10ml
Pure genuine silver fir oil of the alps.
Natural Clove oil 10ml
Pure genuine clove oil from Indonesia.
Natural Rosewood oil 10ml
Pure genuine rosewood oil from Brazil.
Natural Incense of India oil 10ml
Pure genuine insence oil from India.
Neroli oil 10ml
Pure genuine rneroli oil from France.
Rose of Marocco oil 10ml
Pure genuine rose oil from Morocco.
33 Herbs Essential Oil STRONG 50ml
Universal essential oil made of 33 herbs.
Aromatherapy Pendant
Long Life Composition 5 ml
Sleep Well Essential Oil Composition 5 ml
(In Stock)
Get Up Essential Oil Composition 5 ml
I am Strong Essential Oil Composition 5 ml
Shinrin Yoku 5ml
Seduction 5ml
Seduction Roll On 9ml
Ready Steady Go! (Muscle care) 100ml
Slow Down Essential Oil Composition Spray 100ml
Sandalwood Essential Oil 10ml
Oral & Nose Spray 30 ml