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Locherber Make Up
The first Make-up, that also cares! 
Locherber Pencil Eyeliner (black, brown) 1.18g
Extremely easy to use pencil eyeliner that applies a smoothly to the eyes and can also be used as
Compact eye shadow 4g
Four Colours
Hydrating Lipstick 4ml
9 colours. SPF 15.
Lip Gloss 5.5ml
Wet effect, shiny formula enriched with precious sparkling reflections of bright mini-particles to
LOCHERBER Lengthening Mascara 10.5 ml
Extra black mascara with effect of extending and lengthening eyelashes.
Lip Pencil
For styling lips and giving them the right contour.
Correcting Cream 5ml
Creamy Concealer
LOCHERBER Mascara High Definition 8ml