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B.T.Y. Intensive Serum 30ml
B.T.Y. Intensive Serum 30ml
B.T.Y. Intensive Repulping Serum pH6
Expression lines corrector. Revolutionary anti-age patented bio-technological vegetal complex that thanks to the BTY®
neutralizes micro-tensions and expression lines without microinjections.
It reinforces skin elasticity, that day after day will look more resilient, toned and rejuvenated.
Wrinkles and lines fade away and the skin will glow with youth.
B.T.Y. Intensive Repulping Serum contains Apricot oil, vegetal extracts of Red Seaweed, Thorn Spurge Laurel,
Helichrysum, Imperata, Sassafras, Bisabolol, Sweet Orange and sun filters.
Application: 2 or 3 times a week apply on cleansed and toned face, insisting on the forehead and expression lines.
Does not contain derivates of animal origin, mineral origin.
Does not contain colourings of synthetic origin and added metals.
Dermatologically tested. GMO-free. Alcohol-free.
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